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Scotiabank Fan Village

Human Bubble Hockey a hit at World Cup Fan Village

First-of-its-kind attraction is life-size version of popular arcade game @NHL

TORONTO -- The World Cup of Hockey 2016 got started with two games Saturday at Air Canada Centre. But the action inside the Molson Canadian Human Bubble Hockey attraction began Friday night and continued Saturday morning at the Scotiabank World Cup of Hockey Fan Village.

The first of its kind, Molson Canadian Human Bubble Hockey, a life-size version of the popular arcade game, allows two teams of four to battle it out with an oversized puck under an inflatable clear dome. Three players (one center, two wings) per team go inside the bubble, while the fourth player for each team stays outside to move the plastic goalies left to right with a steering wheel.

Curtis Eichenberger, who was running attraction on Saturday, said hundreds of people played Friday night, when a near-capacity crowd of 13,486 packed the Fan Village for the Pepsi World Cup of Hockey Premiere Party.

"We had 40 different games going on," said Eichenberger, 24. "You don't have to wait very long, and you get about five minutes of game play. The turnout was awesome.

"People came out laughing, clapping, and because we have the see-through bubble, people can spectate, that's why we have the fan deck here."

Eichenberger said teams that enter the bubble have to be just that, a team.

"You have to be able to play together to score. It's pretty challenging," Eichenberger said. "The thing you will find out right away, is you want to reach for the puck, but you can't quite get there."

The Molson Canadian Human Bubble Hockey is one of the attractions at the Scotiabank World Cup of Hockey Fan Village, located in Toronto's Distillery District.

Former NHL player Theo Fleury and his band, Theo Fleury and the Death Valley Rebels, rocked the Pepsi Live Main Stage on Saturday afternoon.

Near the bubble hockey attraction were eight ice resurfacing machines, each one representing one of the eight teams in the World Cup.

The Scotiabank World Cup of Hockey Fan Village is a 10-day free fan that's open through Sept. 25. It's the epicenter for fans throughout the tournament with something exciting for everyone. The free festival will celebrate the food, music and culture of all participating hockey nations.

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