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World Cup diary: Matt Duchene

Forward says Team Canada has to be a lot better to win Game 2 and wrap up series

by Matt Duchene / Special to

Colorado Avalanche forward Matt Duchene is playing for Team Canada at the World Cup of Hockey 2016. The 25-year-old has agreed to keep a diary throughout the tournament in Toronto, which runs through Oct. 1.

In his latest installment, Duchene talks about what Team Canada needs to correct from its 3-1 win in Game 1 of the final against Team Europe in order to end the series in Game 2 on Thursday.

TORONTO -- Game 1 of the final wasn't our best effort, that's for sure.

I think maybe in that game, instead of just going out and enjoying the moment, we were too focused on the result of the game rather than focusing on the process.

We knew in the room it wasn't our best game. The third period was better, and I think that's what clinched the win, but Team Europe came out really hard and played a great game.

They challenged us.

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There's obviously a lot of pressure on us; everyone's saying we should win this. I think we got a little too conscious of it in that game. This whole tournament we've tried to be the best that we can be every single game and worry about the result later. The result has followed because we've focused on that process, the game-by-game, shift-by-shift mentality. We got away from that a little bit.

We forgot to just go out and play.

We weren't sharp in areas we've been very sharp in; areas that usually come easily to us came hard to us in that game.

We can be a lot better, and we're going to aim to do that Thursday night. We're going to go out at the top of our game in this tournament and hopefully we close it out in Game 2.

The thought of needing one more victory to win the tournament is really exciting to me. I've had a chance to be a part of some pretty awesome experiences with Team Canada, and this is another one of those opportunities.

This is a tournament I wanted to play in so badly. That was threatened earlier in the tournament because of an injury, but fortunately I was able to fight through it and feel good and play the way I was capable of playing to help the team win.

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It's a great opportunity and I hope we're able to seize the moment in Game 2. We're going to have two shots at it, but we want to do it on the first try. It would be a very special feeling to win it in front of Canadian fans. We've felt their support the whole way and we're very grateful of that.

But in order to do that we need to bring our best and improve upon the last game.

We can be better at exiting our own zone, better with the puck through the neutral zone. We want to play in their end. We know if we're playing in their end we're pretty tough to stop, so the faster we can get out of our end and through the neutral zone, the more we can do that.

I'm definitely not giving away any secrets by saying that because every team wants to do that, but when we're doing it, it's pretty tough to compete with us.

We're going to do that Thursday.

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