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Postcards from the World Cup

Postcard: Maple Leaf Square's Bill Price takes break from Air Canada Centre cuisine to sample salad from Longo's

by Bill Price @BillPriceNHL / Editor in Chief

TORONTO -- When I wrote last week that my hotel here would be my home away from home during the World Cup of Hockey 2016, I was mistaken. The Air Canada Centre has become my home away from home.

Since Saturday I've been here at least 11 hours each day, seen eight hockey games, and have had six or seven meals consisting of arena food. (Next time you're in the Air Canada Centre, try the brisket sandwich.)

To give my body a break, I went in search of a salad bar and hit the jackpot when I found a supermarket in Maple Leaf Square called Longo's. The salad bar was massive. On one side, it had your traditional ingredients (lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers). Another section was filled with all sort of other salads (tuna, Tuscany bran, couscous and beets). I stayed with the traditional salad and avoided "the weird stuff," as Dave Stubbs called it.

I made some news in Sweden with my previous postcard. One of the fans I photographed in front of Legends Row happened to be Swedish soccer legend Tomas Brolin (that's him in the hat). 

Team Sweden fans are everywhere in this city, especially Wednesday afternoon in Maple Leaf Square, where all the restaurants and bars were a sea of yellow jerseys. They appeared ready to have a blast at Air Canada Centre. I hope to have more time one of these days in Maple Leaf Square. 

Wednesday, however, I was ready to have my salad. It looks pretty good, and even better, I won't feel so guilty when I eat the Air Canada Centre hot dog wrapped in bacon and covered in melted cheese Wednesday night. 

Until next time.

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